Indoor Paintball vs Outdoor Paintball

“Pros & Cons of both”

One of the most common questions we get asked is what the difference is between indoor vs outdoor paintball. Naturally most people prefer outdoor paintball since thats what they have seen on t.v. and movies. However, we think just a little differently. In our opinion both have their pros and cons; the biggest being weather (we do live in the frozen tundra).

Indoor Paintball vs. Outdoor Paintball

When it comes to deciding what paintball park is your best option you always have to consider everything from the convenience to overall experience of the paintball center. The excitement before you play won’t differ too much but some of our bullet points might sway your opinion to find out if indoor paintball or outdoor paintball is best for your party.

Indoor Paintball Perks:


Most paintball fields are out in the middle of nowhere (literally). On a timeline for the day? Indoor paintball wins the convenient factor every time.




Most outdoor paintball parks do not have indoor restrooms. Sounds like a small perk but you’ll be happy to have a place to change after you play.


From living in the Midwest we all know that you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather. Don’t worry about rain, mud or bugs. Indoor facilities are always the same temperature 365 days a year.



Worried about getting dirty? All of the MN indoor paintball arenas we certify are the safest and cleanest paintball fields in Minnesota. Don’t worry about tripping over sticks, stepping on nails, or cutting yourself on homemade bunkers. The indoor paintball parks are also on level turf letting anyone compete without being particular athletic.

Outdoor Paintball Perks:

outdoor paintball park


Indoor paintball facilities are naturally smaller smaller than outdoor paintball fields. Its hard to argue with outdoor paintball being more fun for groups of players over 20. The fields are allow large groups to move freely without restricting movement or strategy.


Multiple Fields

The amount of paintball fields, maps or battlefields can really change a paintball party’s decision on where to play. If you plan on making your outing the whole day, outdoor paintball might be the way to go just so you have a few terrains to venture through.



Plain and simple; outdoor paintball is definitely easier to take photos of the entire party. You’ll have more landscapes to choose from to shoot.  Everything from bunkers to the party areas are a little more photogenic than indoor centers.


With all these factors taken into consideration we stand behind indoor paintball as the best option for parties of all shapes and sizes. You’ll have no regrets choosing an indoor paintball party for your next paintball experience. Don’t believe us? Feel free to check out their reviews and there virtual tours!