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“Paintball Strategy”


How To Play Paintball

Get the most tout of your paintball experience with a few how to play paintball tips. Paintball is a game that revolves around communication and teamwork. Although the game of paintball is played with paintball equipment it is more important to focus on your teams strategy and strengths than your equipment. Paintball can be summed as a game of angles. The real fact is that its easier to hit your opponent if they not only can’t see you but if they’re not looking at you.


Check out a few How to play paintball strategies we suggest to make a game easier on your team. The following tips, strategies and tactics can easily put your team ahead of the competition.

be aggressive 1. Be aggressive:

Don’t get trapped in the back of the field. Focus on putting pressure on your opponents. Move up the course and prevent the other team from maneuvering around you. Bring more excitement to the game by staying active and in the fire fight!


2. Aim before shooting:

Pick your shots. Good players take their time to sight in shots before they blow their opportunity. Always shoot higher than your think; if you shoot too high the paintballs might fly over their head giving you another chance to shoot again before they can react. Accidentally shooting the obstacle or bunker your opponent is behind will signal your opponent they are in your sights.

face opponent3. Face your opponent:

Always be facing your opponent. Don’t have your back to the bunker. Facing away from your opponent allows players to move around freely without fear of you shooting them while they advance towards you. Keep your gun up and always be looking around the field in front of you.


4. Keep your gun up at all times:

This tip is crucial to getting free kills. Having your gun up allows you to shoot at players when they have their weapon down. Wouldn’t you rather engage in a fire fight with an opponent that has their firearm faced down?


5. Use bunkers as cover:

Don’t just use one bunker. Roam the field. Find new positions and use the bunkers to their full potential. Play all sides of the bunker to decrease getting shot popping out of the same spot on the obstacle.  Staying behind one bunker makes it easier for your opponent to find you and eliminate you.

6. Move up for better angles:

Move up the field to increase the degree of angles resulting in easier shots on opponents. Paintball is really a game of angles. Use your team to push one side of the field and trap players across the field in bad positions. The best places to shoot a player are in the back or in the pack. (You’re behind them or they aren’t looking at you)

7. Communication:

Talking out scenarios with your team in advance or in real time on the field is the key to teamwork. Communicate during the game and let your teammates know what you see.  Tell them where your opponents are and let them know when an opponent has been eliminated.


8. Provide cover fire:

Help your team advance up the field of play by providing cover fire. Cover fire allows players to free up zones and moves to better bunkers. Remember fear is the mind killer. Stay moving and keep your opponent guessing.