Discounted Paintball

“Cheap Paintball”

Looking for the best paintball deal in MN? Looking for cheap paintball near you? Good news! Paintball Minnesota is glad to direct customers to the best paintball prices in the Twin Cities. MN Paintball discounts are available at any of our certified locations. No matter the occasion we’re sure we can help save you and your party a few dollars! Save more money and play more paintball at the coolest outdoor paintball fields in the Minneapolis area!

Paintball Discounts

If you’re like us and like to save some money be sure to book your paintball party online. All Paintball Minnesota locations offer discounted paintball deals when booking your reservation online.  Save a significant amount of money depending on the day, time and package you choose.

Cheap Paintball Package

The best bang for your buck is to select the “pay at the time of booking” package. This package includes everything you need to start playing paintball. To find this option simply pick the paintball park in which you would like to attend and click “book now.” You will then be prompted to select a package, day and then a party time.

Save Money On Paintballs

Once you play a few games you’ll need to ammo up or get a refill on your paintballs. The best way to do so is split up larger quantities of paintballs such as 500 round bags or even 2,000 for larger parties! This way you can divide up the paintballs amongst more players for less money.


Special Events/ Promotions

Before you book your paintball party make sure to check out the paintball park’s specials! Here there might be a combo deal, special promotion or birthday party discount. To find these deals simply navigate to the websites prices then specials. You’ll thank us later!

* To view upcoming specials and events visit our News & Events Blog!