Rental Paintball Gear

“Equipment rental” 


Renting paintball equipment at a paintball park should be hassle free and fun. Find the cleanest, safest and up to date rental paintball gear in the Twin Cities at all Paintball Minnesota certified facilities! Enjoy the adrenaline based game the way it was intended with less pain and more fun!

Here are a few guidelines and notes for new players to consider when looking up paintball parks to play at. Rental gear might seem like its all the same but don’t be fooled. We don’t want your first paintball experience to suck just because the place you went didn’t have quality gear for you to use. Know the difference of quality/ up to date gear and old and unsafe gear below.

Quality Rental Paintball Gear

Protective Masks

The above photo displays your average rental mask (left) and a premium rental goggle (right). The mask pictured on the left can be found at most low budget paintball fields. This mask is a single pane, none thermal, no chin strap rental goggle. This goggle system is outdated and unsafe. The mask itself has the tenancy to fog up and is extremely hard to clean properly due to soft foam in the mask.

The goggle to the right is a premium rental paintball mask. Besides being way more comfortable and sanitary the paintball mask is one of the safest on the market. The full head protection system grants players proper safety from all angles. The dual pane thermal lens is equipped with anti-fog technology so the goggle doesn’t fog up. This goggle is also very user friendly due to its adjustability for both younger players and players wearing glasses. The other safety option on the mask is the chin strap which clips to insure the mask stays on your face during any type of maneuver.


Paintball Guns

The rental paintball on the left side of the above photo can be found at all paintball Minnesota locations. It is called a FT-.50 which is manufactured by Tippmann Paintball.

These paintball gun set ups are brand new and maintained by certified tecnicians daily. The paintball gun on the left shoots low impact paint balls unlike most paintball gear at other paintball fields. Low impact paintballs are shot at a slower speed and are both smaller and lighter than traditional paint balls.

As if the experience at Paintball Minnesota facilities wasn’t enough we introduced this marker produced by Planet Eclipse that is ready for you to upgrade to! This gun technology is available at all paintball parks certified by Paintball Minnesota. The lightweight set-up is equipped with a two piece barrel system for better accuracy and electronic firing modes for faster rates or fire! we suggest this option to all company outings and bachelor parties! Renting this paintball gun will leave nothing but a smile on your face!

* Schedule your next event at any of the leading rental paintball locations in Minnesota! Play with quality rental paintball gear and get the most out of your paintball outing!