Party Guide

“Tips and Tricks”

Learn tips and tricks on how to plan the best paintball party possible with the Paintball Minnesota Paintball Party Guide! Need assistance on scheduling a group, signing waivers and how to play? Let us help you and your group have the ultimate paintball experience!

Paintball tips and tricks

Paintball Minnesota is here to provide a short paintball party guide with a few small but helpful recommendations to improve everything from your game to your event without stretching your budget! Experiencing the best paintball event doesn’t have to revolve around money, owning equipment or your athletic ability. Some great suggestions are only a few planning steps away from making your party a blast!

Paintball Party Guide

1. A Change Of Clothes:

Paintball Minnesota only supports paintball centers with stain-resistant paintballs and real indoor restrooms. Having a place to change can be a big deal if your party is headed to more activities. Paintballs do wash out but they are a little harder to get out of car seats…bringing a change of clothes will save the chauffeur some clean up!

* If you don’t plan on bringing extra clothes or want to dress the part check out the jumpsuit option at all Paintball Minnesota paintball parks!

paintball lockers2. Personal Lockers:

Bringing a changes of clothes, extra cash or other valuables? All credited paintball parks have lockers available to store personal items when you play. If you are worried about leaving phones or wallets out; locking those items up in your car is always the safest spot.


3. Save Money:

If you’re looking to save a buck or two be sure to book your party ahead online. There are significant discounts available for doing so especially depending on what day you’re looking to reserve for. Also, don’t forget – you can save money by splitting up larger quants of paintballs such as 500 rounds or even 2,000 for larger parties!


low impact paintball4. Less Pain:

If you are worried about the pain that might come with playing paintball – worry no more! All paintball Minnesota locations use low impact paintball gear. Low impact paintballs are smaller and lighter providing less impact upon players being shot. This new way to play the game is perfect for the whole family!

Concessions5. Concessions:

Not only do all locations have all the gear you need but they also have basic snacks to keep you hydrated and properly fueled to play. We don’t usually like to tell customers to bring extra cash but it is always a good idea to have a few extra bucks to purchase a water or snack during your stay.


pizza graphic6. Catering:

Our supported paintball locations allow groups to cater in food! No matter if you’re a company outing or birthday party you can bring in or order in pizza, cake, non-alcoholic drinks and save money for more paintballs! If you have a larger group catering in food its totally fine to wait to eat after game play.


private paintball party7. Private Rotations:

Though private game play is more expensive its kind of like a secret menu. If you choose to take advantage of a private field rotation feel free to ask your referee about other game options. Different game variations are available for parties of all sizes. If you dropped a few extra bucks might as well spice it up a bit! Also, the best part of the private option is playing at your leisure.

camera icon8. Take Pictures:

Don’t forget to document your paintball experience with a few pictures. Grab a photo of your friends and or family playing and upload them. Don’t forget to tag the paintball park you’re at and your friends for your chance at free upgrades, paint and more!


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