Player Safety

“Our #1 Priority”

Paintball Equipment Safety

Paintball Minnesota takes player and facility safety very seriously. View our list of paintball centers that properly inform customers and use up to date rental gear. All of the locations we approve & support meet or exceed Paintball ASTM Certifications and have full head protection, thermal – dual pane lenses and chin straps on their goggles (not to mention proper cleaning techniques).

Paintball Minnesota Safety Standards

#1 Rule: “Goggles on.” Players MUST keep protective goggles on at all times when out on the paintball playing field/ arena. Players may NOT take off their mask for any reason. Chin straps MUST be clipped to fully secure mask.

* Get hit in the goggles? Ask a staff member for assistance.


#2 Rule: “Barrel Bags (caps) on.” Players MUST keep their barrel bags (orange cap) on their paintball gun at all times when off the paintball field. At NO time are players permitted to take off the barrel bag for any reason.

* Barrel dirty? Ask a staff member for assistance.


#3 Rule: Paintball Gun Safety. Players WILL be shown where the gun’s safety is located and how it operates (red ring = gun is live).  Players are to have the safety ON at all times when off the playing field.

* Having trouble with your paintball marker (rental gun)?Ask a staff member for assistance.


#4 Rule: Paintball Air Tanks. Compressed air tanks are used to project the paintball from the paintball gun. Players WILL be shown when and how to refill with staff members.

* Don’t want to fill your own? No problem. A staff member will gladly assist you.


#5 Rule: Paintball loader or hopper. This piece of gear is located on the paintball marker and holds/ feeds paintballs into the gun.

* Make sure to hear a click when you’re done loading so your paint doesn’t spill when playing!


#6 Rule: Paintballs – Refills. All locations supply low impact paintballs that are smaller, break at a slower speed and don’t stain!

* Learn more about low impact paintball >