Nerf Parties in MN

MN Nerf Parties Vs Paintball

Our locations used to host Nerf MN Parties until we found out that Low-Impact Paintball was a more fun option for kids! We found that most of our Nerf parties ended up either switching to low impact paintball by the end of their party or just watching the paintball action from the sidelines.

After groups came to play Nerf indoors we quickly found that parties would rather of played on the paintball field.

We asked parents and kids alike and the vote was unanimous to drop the minimum age of our paintball players.


Nerf Darts vs. Kid Paintball

A Nerf Dart travels at such a slow speed it doesn’t even make it across a typical field leaving kids with inaccurate shots and poor experiences.

When a low impact paintball is shot, it is approximately a 1/3 of the impact of a traditional paintball splat and provides 68% less sting than an average paintball. Ultimately, our paintballs lessen the “ouch factor!”




Nerf darts are OUT and smaller paintballs are IN! Perfect option for birthdays, youth groups and family gatherings! “Get the rush of paintball but without the pain!”

Play against your friends and family behind inflatable bunkers (castles, towers, humvees and more)! Hide, dodge and duck from paintballs in the best MN Nerf and paintball field in MN! Multiple games options including Death Match, Headquarters, Capture the Flag and more!


*Have other games you want to play? Simply ask a referee and we’ll help set it up!

Indoor Nerf Birthday Parties

Don’t try to round the kids up for a dart party…bring them to play indoor kid-friendly paintball! We have all the paintball gear you’ll need including party space!

Each party gets a table for food and decorations! Also, don’t worry about staining your clothes…our paintballs are non-toxic and wash out of your clothing!